woensdag 28 januari 2009

Busy time has started

Busy time has started.... rehearsing, practice, deadlines... hard to keep my head cool...
Beethoven helps :-)
Eroica, Harnoncourt,, 2nd mvt, oboe!

zondag 25 januari 2009

Home late, sleep

Home late, sleep!
Good day of teaching, watching Indana Jones on the iPod (bad movie!). Tomorrow Ikea day, baby stuff.... It's a matter of weeks now

zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Watching 'Tales of the Unexpected' on youtube

Watching 'Tales of the Unexpected' on youtube. I love Roald Dahl, both the books and the short films!

donderdag 22 januari 2009

Back from a tour with my quartet

Back from a tour with my quartet. W eplayed on the Lorin Maazel estate, in his opera house... In the middel of Virginia... wow, no phone, internet, tv.... And Obama became president without us really noticing and being so close from Washington...