woensdag 17 oktober 2018

Deep Purple and autumn is coming!

I was cooking with my son yesterday. And while we were cooking we were listening to music. I always play either jazz, classical or soul/funk for him. But he wanted to hear AC/DC. Why not? So we did. Then I started listening to more music like this. And I stumbled upon Deep Purple's Live in Japan (https://open.spotify.com/album/5dheIlcMhUWRnYTCz1Xexn?si=JdS0vJW7RgGjo-kW4plCvQ ). Wow, what a great album. I didn't listen to this music in 25 years or so. And I was blown away. The musicality of these guys. Jon Lord's organ playing is magnificent. He even quotes a bit of Ellington! It's obvious these guys have had musical influences coming from all sides. And also, I felt I needed to hear this album on an excellent sound system. Nowadays music is compressed and fit to sound well on little earplugs and small BT speakers. But this is something else!
Check this album. It is really worth it.

This is my 6th week of working 'normally' again. Until this summer I was rehabilitating. At least I gave myself the time to do so. I am an independent musician so I basically determine my own hours. I still have to take care and sleep enough. I already had yet another bacterial infection some weeks ago. This time I was more in time with antibiotics. I also have to sleep enough. At least 9 hours per night seems to be working for me. I can sleep less, but I have to take care afterwards.

Autumn is finally on its way. We had a great summer with high temperatures. But the farmers weren't happy about the rain: there was none.

Coming weekend some concerts with Rembrandt Frerichs: https://www.songkick.com/artists/1270577-ties-mellema/calendar

Really looking forward to these concerts with these fantastic musicians! We will play some jazz, classical, renaissance music... Basically just anything!