zaterdag 28 november 2015


When I started my blog I had a vision about what to share with you. I didn't want to share the technical details of the cancer and chemo, and I didn't want to make you dwell on my feelings and emotions. I wanted to offer you something that you could use, I wanted to extract something from this period that is universal.

I haven't written a blog like that in some weeks now. The chemo is getting heavier and heavier. The cancer is probably gone, but the medicines do their thing and my body doesn't like it. It's all I have at the moment. I get up and I wonder how I am going to spend the day. There are less and less specs of light in the day. Sounds dramatic, doesn't it? I know I am most likely getting better, and still I am complaining. I have reached the threshold. It's enough. I can take a step back and look at myself and see that in February I will a little bit better and most likely I will feel (almost) fully operational this summer. But again, my body is not liking these times. It's hard to get around this.

I wanted to make things, and I did, but less than I wanted to. I wanted to compose, and I did. A lot of sketches, but not a real piece. It's ok. The most important thing is getting better. It's small things, like this blog in which I express my creativity, no matter how small. Yesterday I had a great morning with my friend Rembrandt Frerichs, discussing and making a program about jazz music and Coltrane solos I will  play. Small things. I have to just let things come.

I am unsure about my future. But it's influenced by the state of my body and my brains. I cannot rely on them. I am preparing to start thinking about things. That's all I can do, but I cannot take actual decisions right now.