zondag 29 december 2019

Review of the Four Baritones at Stranger than Paranoia in Paradox Tilburg


A raving review of the set we played at the 'Stranger than Paranoia'-Festival in Paradox Tilburg with the Four Baritones, the world's first baritone saxophone quartet:

I am especially proud because we played one of my first compositions, 'Christina' for four baritones saxophones and electronics. I wrote this piece as a tribute to the Bijl/Flann family who are moving to Australia as we speak.

The baritone is not only an impressive instrument to look at, it also sounds grand. Jan Menu, Nils van Haften, Niels Bijl and Ties Mellema form the Four Baritones, here in their program 'Stranger than Four Baritones', in which classical and jazz go hand in hand. The program is eclectic and goes from Downland and Byzantine music to experiments with electronics. Their ensemble sound is downright incomparable and seems to refer to gigantic church organs, or better said, to a Russian male choir with voices that go lower than low. The impact of the four instrumental giants is overwhelming. And justly the four musicians could count on an ovational applause." (Cyriel Pluimakers)