zondag 16 augustus 2009

I am not exagarating when I say Uitgast was great

I am not exagarating when I say Uitgast was great! The programming was superb (thanks Hans Eijsackers) and the athmosphere (and the weather!) also. ANd this festival got much less subsidy this year. And why? Nobody knows....
Now preparing for Grachtenfestival. Another great festival that got much less money this year and it is even unsecure if the festival will go on next year....  So, everyone, support these festivals in some way...!
An interview with Ties Mellema in On Air (NCRV television) here

maandag 3 augustus 2009

On tour with the Amstel Quartet

On tour with the Amstel Quartet. We started in LA and we are now in Park City, near Salt Lake City in the mountains in Utah. The hotel is a lodge, with huge rooms, apartment-like. Tonight we will play a concert for the Utah Symphony sponsors and Thursday is the 'real' concert.
This weekend we will come back and then the final preparations for the Grachtenfestival will start: two soloconcerts with Wilson, Berio, Bach and Burtner in Arcam, one solo concert with the Amstel Wind Orchestra: Glazounow in an arr. for wind orchestra and accompanying Danielle Deniese for the Prinsengrachtconcert with Porgy and Bess and My Fair Lady (as always, arr. by Wijnand!)