donderdag 30 oktober 2008

Joshua Redman yesterday in the BIMHuis, great stuff

Joshua Redman yesterday in the BIMHuis, great stuff. He brought a trio: sax, bass, drums (Brian Blade). Great band, great atmosphere, great jazz: great concert. Redman is very sympathetic and he embraces the audience. He is also very professional: every set lasted exactly (!) 45 minutes. Yet I didn't have the feeling he wanted to leave like I had with James Carter last Sunday....


It's a boy

It's a boy!!!

zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

Another 4tet rehearsal today

Another 4tet rehearsal today... it was great to play with the guys again, and I must say, the Mark VI bari adds a whole new dimension to 4tet playing! I can hear myself in detail, as well as the others! How strange it may sound, this was not the case on my Series II. It's a great horn... and a great 4tet!

Tonight I am going to hear James Carter. I am expecting a lot, I hope he will play up to it :-)

Next week are the CD recordings for my 'On the Other Hand' CD, more exciting stuff. A document to close this period off musically. Of course, there will be long term effects, but with the CD I have something concrete to close it off....

vrijdag 24 oktober 2008

In Dutch only: http://www

In Dutch only:

Finally: I have found a Mark VI baritone sax

Finally: I have found a Mark VI baritone sax. I was never really fond of my Series II to be honest. This is a fantastic horn. Of course there are some things I have to get used to: the tf hole is too small, which makes the sound stuffy, the mechanism is not very sophisticated (almost!), it does not have a high F# key, but I might have Saxomania make one some time. Olivier in my quartet did the same on his Mark VI alto and it worked out fine!
The other thing is: when I don't play 440, but 442, in winter (!) the octaves are way too big. I bought the thing in summer so I was not aware... but it is a problem. Right now I am finding some solutions with Saxomania. When the big end of the end has an open donut in it made out of cork and when I combine that with a AAA battery in the s bow, the octaves are great!

vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

A familiy meber pointed out to me recently that Fritzl wás for ...

A familiy meber pointed out to me recently that Fritzl wás for his actions, that was what the verdict was about. That makes him even more insane: he knew what he was doing doing and was probably aware that he was doing a bad thing....

dinsdag 14 oktober 2008

Now online, new Youtube videos: David Dramm - Hangman, world premier (followed by an improvisation) and Rossini's Ave Maria su Due Note during the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival, August 23, 2008

maandag 13 oktober 2008

I don't understand legal matters often

I don't understand legal matters often. Fritzl was mentally sane?!?!?! (see here). If you do stuff like that I would say per definition one is crazy as can be....!!!

zaterdag 11 oktober 2008

The Dutch Netherlands Bank will give me my money back

The Dutch Netherlands Bank will give me my money back! Wouter Bos arranged all of this... I am very happy with this!

And what else...? Well, I saw the Aurelia Quartet today today. Playing Andriessen, Shostakovitch, Piazolla, Bach. They played well, althoug there many things we would have done differently (of course!) but the acoustics were not as well as I thought for chamber music in the BIMHuis. Although the athmosphere for the audience is much better than the BAM-zaal.

woensdag 8 oktober 2008