vrijdag 24 oktober 2008

Finally: I have found a Mark VI baritone sax

Finally: I have found a Mark VI baritone sax. I was never really fond of my Series II to be honest. This is a fantastic horn. Of course there are some things I have to get used to: the tf hole is too small, which makes the sound stuffy, the mechanism is not very sophisticated (almost!), it does not have a high F# key, but I might have Saxomania make one some time. Olivier in my quartet did the same on his Mark VI alto and it worked out fine!
The other thing is: when I don't play 440, but 442, in winter (!) the octaves are way too big. I bought the thing in summer so I was not aware... but it is a problem. Right now I am finding some solutions with Saxomania. When the big end of the end has an open donut in it made out of cork and when I combine that with a AAA battery in the s bow, the octaves are great!

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