woensdag 31 oktober 2007

Life has started again

Life has started again. I was sick and feel better now. We had a lesson with Stefan Metz of the former Orlando Quartet today. The lesson was 3 hours and it was great! We played a Haydn string quartet. Weird on saxophone probably. But it worked quite well, Metz thought so as well!
This afternoon is for study. Berio Sequenza and more Bach. My students are studyin Bach as well, so I have to keep up with them. It's quite interesting to hear them play Bach in completely different ways. I learn a lot as well!

vrijdag 26 oktober 2007

Well, back from tour, but I got sick

Well, back from tour, but I got sick... I am writing this in bed on the laptop... Flue or something. I guess it all demanded more from me than I thought... nothing much else to write. Except actually that I went to see Victor Wooten in the Melweg which was great. I was still ok then...

Exploring the internet in bed

Exploring the internet in bed...
nothing else to do...
Time to remind everyone who reads that this is one of the most beautiful pieces in the world!!!:

zaterdag 20 oktober 2007

Yesterday we had a great concert in NY state

Yesterday we had a great concert in NY state. Can't remember the name of the city but it was the Saint Bonaventure University. We played great. I wish we had a recording running along. All of us just knew that every note was in its place. These moments are so rare. We had a good crowd as well. 300 People, full house!

Today we did a children's concert. Tomorrow a concert in Long Island and Monday three children's concerts again. Then Monday night we go back home. It's a great tour so far. Things start getting musically interesting when you do it really often. You can start to play around and let go more. You lose track of time. All that matters is the music, during the day, but also of course in the concert itself. A great feeling!

donderdag 18 oktober 2007

With Amstel Quartet in Buffalo now

With Amstel Quartet in Buffalo now. We're about to give a concert at the Bonaventure University tonight. THere's gonna be a big crowd as I understand which is great. They already sold a lot of tickets. We did a workshop this morning which was a lot of fun as well. Tomorrow a children's concert in Connecticut again. And I think Sunday our last adult concert on Long Island in Patchogue Theatre. We are having fun and the people are very nice.

 I am listening a lot of Brahms on my iPod again and I am working myself slowly through Karen Armstrong's A history of God which is even in Dutch quite hard reading.

I am doing yoga and my fysiotherapy exercises every day. Although I havent worked out in the gym last week, but yesterday and the day before I got a weeks trial pass to a gym in Cromwell and I worked out two days, now I am sore!

dinsdag 16 oktober 2007

In Connecticut now, we just arrived

In Connecticut now, we just arrived. A long day of flying and driving from LA California.
We had some great concerts with very enthusiatic reactions. Like a very nice concert in the Onion, a church in California:
 /><br /><br /><div align=We also played two sets in the Jazz Bakery in LA. we played a programme with chamber music that has a connection with jazz music, like Andriessen's Facing Death, Bach (of course!), Germanavicius, Wilson and more.
The tour is going well, it's heavy, hard work. I took some other music to study but that was too optimistic. I need the time to find good reeds and mainly to relax...!

zaterdag 13 oktober 2007

In Hollywood/LA now

In Hollywood/LA now. I am at the hotel to do some studying. The other boys went into the city. I was here last year with some friends so it's all still quite fresh. Yesterday we had a very heavy day. Three concerts in one day and some travelling. The evening concert was ok, but I think we were all very tired after doing two children's presentations, of which one was one hours drive from the hall that was our base that day. But we handled things ok. The kids seemed to love it, but they suck up all of our energy!

Tomorrow one concert in which we play the Facing Death by Andriessen, which is what I need to study after I write this :-)

donderdag 11 oktober 2007

In Lancaster California

In Lancaster California. I always tell the boys in the quartet that the food in the US is so good, but we've had nothing but bad food this trip.

Tomorrow three concerts, two for children and an evening concert.... So off to bed!

zondag 7 oktober 2007

About to go off to Los Angeles and New York

About to go off to Los Angeles and New York.
Our first two weeks tour to the US. Very exciting stuff.
We released our new CD a couple of days ago. It was a heavy delivery. I have the feeling everyone was very tired.
I didn't get much chance to work on the things for Netherlands Music Prize. Also in the States I am playing bari of course. I was thinking about taking my soprano to study the Berio a bit. But it's too much to carry I think...

dinsdag 2 oktober 2007

Sometimes I underestimate myself

Sometimes I underestimate myself. I told a student yesterday that I used to study 2-4 hours at the conservatory. But it's not true. When Ilooked back I found out that I studied from 2-6 hours per day. 4-5 hours being the average  I think I always thought (and think) that I study too little, and that that makes memories different. But I did study quite some hours when looking back in my digital agenda from that time.