donderdag 18 oktober 2007

With Amstel Quartet in Buffalo now

With Amstel Quartet in Buffalo now. We're about to give a concert at the Bonaventure University tonight. THere's gonna be a big crowd as I understand which is great. They already sold a lot of tickets. We did a workshop this morning which was a lot of fun as well. Tomorrow a children's concert in Connecticut again. And I think Sunday our last adult concert on Long Island in Patchogue Theatre. We are having fun and the people are very nice.

 I am listening a lot of Brahms on my iPod again and I am working myself slowly through Karen Armstrong's A history of God which is even in Dutch quite hard reading.

I am doing yoga and my fysiotherapy exercises every day. Although I havent worked out in the gym last week, but yesterday and the day before I got a weeks trial pass to a gym in Cromwell and I worked out two days, now I am sore!

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