donderdag 29 april 2004

On 29 April Ties Mellema played the Tallahatchie Concerto by Dutch composer Jacob ter Veldhuis with the National Youth Orchestra 'Simon Bolivar' of Venezuela, conducted by the young and talented Gustavo Dudamel.
The Venezuelan youth orchestra system is one of a kind and to 300.000 young Venezuelans it offers the possibility to learn to play an instrument and play in a youth orchestra, all funded by the same system.
Mellema was invited by the Dutch embassy ( in Venezuela to perform as a soloist during a concert to celebrate the birthday of the Dutch queen in the beautiful Teresa Carenho Theatre in Caracas.
Mellema also gave concerts and workshops together with electronic music composer Ivo Bol, a.o. at the Simon Bolivar University and the National Arts Galery.

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