dinsdag 26 juli 2005

Today in Merida and tomorrow of to a 4 day tour to los Llanos

Today in Merida and tomorrow of to a 4 day tour to los Llanos. We´ll raft, sleep in hammocks, see all sorts of animals... very exciting, we´re a bit nervous!
Yesterday we went to an amusementpark called Sambil with Ailed´s family. They had a lot of fun. I bought pants for the trip tomorrow and in the evening we left to Merida for a twelve hour bus trip in the coldest bus of all times!!! Next time I´ll bring a hat, some sweaters, gloves, a scarve. I used Ailed´s skirt as a scarve! The outside temperature was perfect...!

Today in Merida was great. We arrived (after a minimum of sleep because of the cold) and walked to our posada and then we were off to tabay, natural hot water in the mountains. It was quite surreal. We walked in the moutains in a very nice surrounding and after half an hour we heard loud salsa music. It urned the hot springs were changed into a swimming pool with natural sauna and a little kiosk to buy drinks. It was quite busy but we had great time. We relaxed and walked back to Merida to have a briefing for the trip tomorrow.

After we had a great dinner in a new vegetarian restaurant in Merida, I think it was avenida 3 or 4, owned by Deyanira. She was very friendly and made us feel very welcome. I ate 2 and half empanadas filled with lentils and cheese served with a very tasty sauce. Recommended!

More in 4 days!

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