donderdag 1 september 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 Again on the phone with Apple Care

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Again on the phone with Apple Care. They want to charge me 42,50 because they had to transfer my data and this is not covered by Apple Care. I can't believe it! They messed up my computer! It was fine before I bought their faulty product! I lost my laptop for two weeks and now they want to charge me money? I should get money from them for messing up my work!!!! I think I will, let's how they react.... This phone number costs 10cts/min. too...I should declare that money anyway....

Monday, September 26, 2005

A day off, Finally!!! I am working at home now, doing some stuff I should've done in the past weeks, administration etc... In the afternoon I will do some studying and then cooking for Ailed and me.

Oh, do not buy MAC!!!!! Well, at least if you like good service... If you own Apple products, do not buy Apple Care, at least not for a laptop, the service is bad and the diagnostic CD ruins the computer and you just might lose all of your hard drive data, like me. They will work on it from tomorrow but they already had the computer for a week and they didn't work on it.


Friday, September 23, 2005

At a friend's place now (marijn&Justyna), I haven't seen him for a long time. They have a kid now: Simon. I saw him for the first time!
Tonight the last 'pictures' with Jarvi. Still exciting, hav en't found a decent reed yet!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Pictures at an exhibiton, always a very exciting solo to play. This time with the Residentie Orchestra, during their first week with their new Chef, Neeme Jarvi. Everybody was very excited because he never conducted the orchestra before. I liked him a lot. Tomorrow the first concert and today I am unexpetedly free. I was supposed to have rehearsal but no I can sleep and relax. I need it. We had a busy week with Dogtroep performances in Enschede and at the same time Residentie Orchestra with a wonderfull by Turnage. What a shame he never wrote for sax4tet!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

came back from a concert with residentie orchestra. we played turnageL silet cities, beautiful music. The only thing was, I went of stage to early after it was finished, I thougth the applaus was more or less done and I saw people starting to move so I just walked off. Hm...

I found articles on the internet that say not to use the APple Care sofwatre with tiger, it messes up your harddrive, like this one: I don't know if I was the last person on earth to hear about this but here it goes.
I just received my new DP 2.7 on Friday. This thing is crazy. 2.5 GB RAM, 800 GB HD, 20" Cinema Display. I completed my first video project on it and was pleased with performance. Decided to install TechTool Deluxe that comes on the AppleCare CD that I received with my new beauty. I ran the diagnostics and it said that the volume structure needed repaired. So I let it do its thing and it hosed my drive.
I searched the discussion boards and found out that it is not compatible with Tiger and it should not be used. THEN WHY IS APPLE SENDING OUT THESE DISKS? I lost 40 hours worth of work and some of my faith in Apple. I still love them but come on, $4500 and i get a piece of software that will tank my HD. I liken it to buying a car and them giving me free oil that is actually water.
You need to warn all your listeners. DO NOT USE TECHTOOL DELUXE THAT COMES WITH APPLECARE!!!!!!!

sorry for not writing for a week. I've been busy. Right now in the middle of Dogtroep performances, which are a lot of fun! If you can, check us out still tomorrow (Sunday) at the building of the Nationale Reisopera in Enschede. It's magical...!

Another thing:
Apple must die, don't buy Apple, Apple sucks!!!!!! Just so you know...!!!!!!!! Don't buy Apple care, the service is bad, the helpdesk is 10cts/min and you need 30 minutes at least for bigger problems. My computer broke down after running the diagnostic tool that came with apple care. It was fine before I ran it (well, there were some minor issues, I thougth it couldn't hurt). My iPod also broke down yesterday. I should get a new one. It'll be my 3rd!
Haven't heard bad stories about Apple, just my luck I guess. Other than that. I actually liked Apple a lot. But the service is not so good. It might not give as many problems as Windows (I've had no problems with my pc stuff, and lots with my Apple... BTW!), but when you have problems, they'll give you a hard time.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Just came back from Dogtroep rehearsal in Enschede. It's gonna be an exciting show I think:, but it might just be sold out completely. I am not sure.
Tonight relaxnight, watching movies, sleeping early!
With the quartet we tried some Buescher saxophones today in the Deventer Saxofoonhuis. I think we're on the right track! In the end we'll have a quartet with all very nice sounding horns: we are going to buy new instruments with the quartet, all Bueschers, early ones that is (1930's, lates 20's)! And we're gona try to find the right music for these instruments. Very exciting stuff!

Friday, September 09, 2005

I am watching the NPS now, an interview with Louis van Dijk and Ramses Shaffy. Especially Louis van Dijk is one of my idols! He's a fantastic person and musician, one of my examples of how to be a musician and how to fit this in my life. He always touches me.
With Wijnand I play one of his original compositions, which was written for him and Jaap van Zweden. We transcribed it (well, Wijnand did!) for soprano sax and piano and form August 2005 we performed it several times. For us it's a tribute. We want to perform this piece ('Burjazzque') at the Robeco Zomerconcerten in July 2006.
BTW, I can't believe vd Laan wants to stop NPS! It's almost the only public network I watch!
Yesterday night 'night of the unexpected'! At Paradiso. It was great. We played ok, it was hard to play there, also because almost everyone was amplified and we were not. I think it was a success. There were a lot of people who seemed to enjoy themselves. After we were finished I had the oppurtunity the listen to Joel Ryan and Evan Parker. Which I liked, although I thought it was a shame that I couldn't here the saxophone sound of Evan Parker; it was send through a computer and changed. Let's see if there are some reviews!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ailed will be back tomorrow. She should arrive at 11:15. Can't wait! I hope her plane arrives in time and she gets on the plane from Madrid. I couldn't last time! We don't have much time together, I have a photoshoot with my quartet in the afternoon for two hours. But the rest of the day we have together. Finally!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday now, I cleaned up in the house so Ailed can come back in a clean house. Although I didn't clean so much yet, I just created some order. There were lots of piles of paper, and more stuff that needed organizing. Now I feel a bit more organised myself too :-)
Today I had concert with Residentie Orchestra, 3 movements of Romeo and Julia by Prokoviev. Good stuff, still, although I play it several times a year! I did ok today. Very hot, I would've loved to go somewhere outside, but hey, I chose to be a musician. Tomorrow 4tet rehearsal, then with Wijnand, a meeting to talk so someone about the spending of our big award that we won last year and teaching and then impro's with Ivo. Full program. Too much actually! I should watch out for too much stress because this weekend I really didn't feel too well. Tonight is better. I had some time for myself.
Yesterday Dogtroep rehearsal, with their new director, Henk Schut. He's great, we really love him. ( and and

Friday, September 02, 2005

A few days later (Friday) and a bit less tired. I slept all afternoon yesterday and I feel better now. Today quartet rehearsal, an opening of an expo by our photographer (Jamain Brigitha), rehearsal with Wijnand and a party for Jurgen at his place. Enough to do! Tomorrow rehearsal in The Hague (Prokoviev, Romeo and Julia).
Now watching a Bob Ross workshop on tv! Check him out, he's fantastic!

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