dinsdag 13 juni 2006

Right, wednesday today

wednesday today. Came back from a good quartet rehearsal. We're studying Keuris to play with orchestra in Russia en Glazounow for a recital there. Eveything is more or less on schedule. The Glazounow is exciting because he's Russian, of course and we're playing it there in Russia... let's see if we get it right!

Today I might buy an iMac, I am not too sure yet, we'll see, it's a lot of money, and I still have to pay for the recovery of my other HDD... expensive stuff!. On the other hand, I spend a lot of time behind my computer so it should be a good one that I feel comfortable with. My Powerbook is fine, but I need a desktop too. Bigger screen and all, you know.

In August I will play a solo with the New Cool Collective for Grachtenfesitval and some of these weeks the soloparts should be finished. Very exciting stuff! The week after I will do a solo recital with Ivo Bol (www.ivobol) also in the Grachtenfestival. I am looking forward to this very much, although it will all be right after holidays... For some reason I always play most at the opening of the season...

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