zaterdag 30 september 2006

My last post was September 14th

My last post was September 14th. I don't have so much time off it seems. Well, the last twee weeks were very very busy (can I write about seomthing else in this blog?). I've been doing a lot.
I've been doing some thinking. The last two months there were two occassions that a Dutch classical saxophone player who I admire very much has been spreading his opinion about me. Which is his right of course. But it turns out he is not enthusiastic about my playing at all anymore. I had lessons with him in the last ten years, I went out to eat and drink with him, he wrote very good letters of recommendation for me, and now his opinion turned around. In August after my performance in the Grachtenfestival I came up to him to ask him what he thought and he said he hated it, he hated the repertory and in fact he hated everything we (me and Wijnand, the quartet) we did. It was ok sax playing, but not musical, we didn;t listen to other instruments and we were focussed on our instrument only. We had no reference. Apparantly he has been telling other people this, and via via I heard he is now saying that I can't play a straight tone, and I am winning al these prizes and I am in the media. Granted, these are rumours, but there's smoke, and somewehere a fire. I will call this guy one of these days. I did send hium my new Cd, but never got an answer. I thought our professional relation was ok, but apparantly it's not. I don;t really know what's going on.
I guess I shouldn't mind too much. It might be what happens when you're (relatively!!!) succesful...

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