maandag 25 december 2006

Yet another entry today

Yet another entry today! I typed this one before but apparantly I still have to get used to the new editor window, because I lost the entry.
I discovered Second Life, the popular internet game. First Life being the real life of course. I have been playing itr for some hours now and it seems like fun. Although in the end it is a normal chatbox with the difference being a lot of nice graphics. And of course you can choose your own appearance, you can fly... Lots of fun, although I feel I might lose interest in some days.

I studied again today. I have to memorize 10 minutes of music for the quartet (Glazounwo Quartet) with a lot of chromatism, and I am not playing the melody, hence harder to memorize (not as hard as the tenor part I imagine!)

Ailed's cousin is here now for some weeks. It is his first time abroad and he loves Europe! Ailed is really happy to have him here.

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