woensdag 17 januari 2007

Evening now

Evening now. It took me all day to start studying. I started earlier this evening and I couldn't get into it. Then I took a break (Dharma and Greg on tv) and studied again, now with a MD recorder. I studied really efficient this time. I really worked on some things and I feel really satisfied with what I did. Sometimes I just don't know what to work on. With the MD recorder I can teach myself like I teach my students! Sometimes I just have to reinvent things for the 100th time  /><br /><br />Earlier this morning:<br />My iPod is still not fixed. I send it away to have the screen fixed and at the same they replaced the battery which was getting old. The new battery only plays for two hours so I had to send it back.... I miss it. I am listening to a lot of music again.<br /><div align= src=
Check out my friends' Myspace page, featuring their band, the Boogie Tree.

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