zondag 1 juli 2007

Glenn Gould and Berg opus 1, on the same CD as his arrangement of La V...

Glenn Gould and Berg opus 1, on the same CD as his arrangement of La Valse, check it out!

A lot of performances this past week. Last week we went to Tineke Veenhof and Fie Schouten. They did a dance performance in a cellar in the Baarsjes (for The Baarsjes Kunstmaand) which was great. Fie played great and a beautiful piece as well. The choreography was nice and the setting great.

Then Friday we went to the opening of Aqua Musica in het Muziekgebouw. Before the break was Min Tanaka, the founder of the Bodyweather school of dance. He was accompanied by tape, a distorted guitar which sounded more or less the same the whole 40 minutes. I think he was a good dancer, but the music destroyed the imagery, unfortunately. After the break there were two guys juggling and playing old music. It was a great show! Very ingenious and with good music: Compagnie Chant de Balles.


Yesterday Ailed had a surprise for me. We both loved the movie De-Lovely, about the life of Cole Porter. Yesterday there was a musical-esque performance in the Odeon Theater with music by Cole Porter. It was a good night, a good band and good singers. They tried to create a night club athmosphere. So you were allowed to smoke during the performance. Also the reception was a bit strange and not too polite, we had to wait for fifteen minuted in the hall before we could go in, then there was another line. Everyone had to be seated individually by a gerand who introduced himself to everyone. That was nice. We had a great night!
Today some more lessons to give, some appointments, and tomorrow as well, and then holidays!

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