dinsdag 6 november 2007

All up and running again

All up and running again. Studying teaching performing and feeling pretty well rested. Today I have a whole day off to do whatever I want. My Powerbook crashed last week but it is back and running again, I have to pick it up today, probably without any data loss.
I composed some notes again yesterday which feels pretty good. I will need probably like a year to finish the piece if I ever finish it but it feels good to create some notes every now and then. I took the decision to try it because of so many bad contemporary notes I have to play being a saxophone player. But I have to admit, it is quite hard :-)

Sunday I played with Clazz, a small big band consisting of jazz and classical players. It was a lot of fun and very inspiring. I discovered a composer who wrote a great piece: Eyes to Wonder by Ilja Reijngoud. I just wrote him an email to check if he wants to write something for me (www.iljareijngoud.com). He is a jazz trombone player who also composes. I found out that jazz players and composers are sometimes more educated in writing harmony and melody and rhtythm... which is still what I am looking for in music...

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