zaterdag 7 maart 2009

Listening to the radio tonight I heard Jeroen Weijerink speak about th...

Listening to the radio tonight I heard Jeroen Weijerink speak about the Camerata Amsterdam programme which is called 'Goed Koper', or 'Goedkoper', I guess :-)
And I started thinking... it's a good word play. But to make a whole programme out of it... I could have done it as well...  I admit... But is it necessary? Besides the fact whether t's a good title and a good concert. Because I am sure it will be: Jasper de Waal and Jorgen van Rijen!
But again, do concerts need to be based on concepts. And in this case even a non musical concept? During Radio Kootwijk we tried to make a concert without form. To find the best way for the music to reach the audience. The best communication. Sometimes I think of concert forms first and then I need to find music to fit in the concept. Which could work. But still... the best Amstel CD's, the strongest concepts are always the ones that combine our tastes. The programmes that do not seem to have a conceptual connection. We choose works that we like and pieces that we think are a nice combination... intuitively... During Radio Kootwijk we also found out that authenticity is very important. Maybe even number one... Presenting music to an audience... I get more and more the feeling that I want to play concerts that I feel strongly about in some way... without having to think off funny word plays, 'modern' and trendy concepts... It's a but vague, I know...
Something will come out!

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