maandag 7 december 2009

Waiting for the vegetables to get ready, another blog entry

Waiting for the vegetables to get ready, another blog entry.
Busiest time of my life it seems. Many premieres, as a soloist, but also with my quartet. I had my Concertgebouw recital, Wijnand's premiere of the saxophone concerto and this weekend Amstel weekend with many new notes. After that, two weeks holidays in Venezuela, visiting my family in law.
Concertgebouw gig was good. It was a cosy concert. It was very informal, and as it turned out, also the programme build up was as well. A collection of pieces, put together at random, except for the fact that they were all pieces we liked. Some people didn't like this, too chaotic, but many people liked this informal aspect... Something to continue thnking about. I chose for the traditional sax/piano recital because I think it works. I did not want to make a show. I believe the notes have enough to say as they are...

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