maandag 30 mei 2011

Joshua Redman @ Bimhuis

One of my great contemporary tenor heroes is Joshua Redman. He was at the Bimhuis last night with a trio consisting of young American jazz musicians.

In 2008 I witnessed one of the most impressive jazz concerts in my life: Joshua Redman with his own trio without keys or guitar, and on drums Brian Blade. This jazz as chamber music, so dynamic and exciting. The energy and creativity were flowing freely. Yesterday however, I discovered that mr. Redman needs sidemen that can carry him. He is not Chris Potter, who can blow right through any musicians that surround him. Redman needs to have equals around him. Brian Blade is someone that can connect with Redman. Yesterday's trio wasn't. Redman is a great player, not virtuoso, not macho, no heavy sound. His music comes from below the neck.  It's not intellectual, and yesterday I thought that this quartet might have been an attempt to experiment with a more rational and macho jazz.

I hope Redman finds what he's looking for. I didn't see it (yet).

Until then, I will attend his concerts whenever I can.

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