woensdag 6 juli 2011

Uitgast Festival

Since this year I am artistic director of the Uitgast Festival. A festival in Lelystad, Flevoland.

I follow in the footststeps of my pianist, Hans Eijsackers, who did this a few times before me. I am very excited about this. Although it is a lot of work, but work I love to do. Putting together a balanced and characteristic programme was an adventure that I would love to undertake some more.

Right now I am waiting for two composers to discuss the production of a musical walk through the Lelystad Nature Park. We will ask amateur musicians to play excerpts frpm the Planets, scattered around the park. The audience will walk past them with as endpoint Ivo Bol's famous 'The Planets' installation, consisting a.o. of 8 turntables, with each playing a different interpretation of the Planets. Bart de Vrees will write the excerpts of the Planets. This is one of the most exciting parts of the festival. Also because it is something quite new and requires some refined production.

If you want to be one of the musicians: you can still sign up here.

The programme is finished and I am very proud of the whole thing. All acts are of course high lights for me, but these pop to mind right now: Ivo Janssen with his jazzy piano recital with works by Tatum, Lauba etc; My own Prince project with EnAccord and Wilmar de Visser (contemporary music inspired by the multi-talented Prince); Dominee Gremdaat; The Ploctones (with Anton Goudsmit!); and Lucas van Merwijk's Drums United with a.o. my good friend Niti Ranjan Biswas on tabla.

Be there!


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