vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

Great stuff coming up!

I am preparing for a great month! Lots of different stuff. I will need another holiday after this month :-)

Kick off with the Four Baritones concert at the Amsterdam Vondelpark. A mostly Russian programme which will be concluded with Holland's own Gerry Mulligan. Curious who this is? Come check us out on August 7th at 12:30 at the Vondelpark Open Air Theater.

At 12 August, me and my quartet will open the famous Amsterdam Canal Festival during a free concert at canal in front of the Compagnie Theater. Wijnand Van Klaveren made his own four voiced version of the Allemande of the first Cello Suite for us, especially for this occasion!

The Sunday after (14 August), another Vondelpark concert: the first try-out of my Prince inspired contemporary music programme with EnAccord and Wilmar de Visser. This concert is presented by the Amsterdam Canal Festival and the Vondelpark Open Air Theater.

Then, Tuesday 17 at the Amsterdam Hermitage (don't go running off to the St. Petersburg one, where I played in February!) during the Amsterdam Canal Festival with the Four Baritones (yes, four baritone saxophones, and again this concert will be concluded with a quintet consisting of 5 baritone saxophones, with again, Holland's own Gerry Mulligan!).

On 19, 20 and 21 August I will participate in the Lelystad Uitgast Festival, in the beautiful Lelystad Nature Park. I put together the programme for the '11 edition, and I am very excited about this.

And of course, I will close of the month with some performances at the Amsterdam Uitmarkt, as I do alwaus.

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