donderdag 29 september 2011

Recording week

Amstel Quartet recording week, Amstel Tracks II

After the success of Amstel Tracks I early 2000 we decided to make another one for 2012, our 15th anniversary. Works that we and our audience feel very strongly about. And preferably  written for or aaranged by us. With works by Brahms, Bach, Lago, Nyman, Mozart, Rivier and many others.

We are recording this album this week. And it's going well. But it's hard work. Tomorrow is the last day, just 15 more minutes to go: Barber Adagio and two more Nyman String Quartet movements.

It's hard work, that's one. Apparantly I forgot one thing about recording, although I recorded about 9 albums so far.

Reeds: I need more than 4 recording reeds. My last one crashed today earlier, I needed to open a new box and I recorded one piece on that reed. I hope it still works for the Barber tomorrow, for which I will need a good sound and a flexible reed.

We all have a good feeling about this recording though. The sound that Azazello made is great. Quite direct, compared to our former albums. We never recorded in the Doopsgezinde Kerk in Haarlem before, and it's very good. Apparantly this church was the standard for classical recordings some decades ago. We rediscovered it.

Next week, another week of Amstel Quartet and Dominee Gremdaat!

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