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Video blog 21-8-12: Impressions of Uitgast

Some impressions of Uitgast Festival, which I programmed.

Some short videos of the Uitgast Festival. One of the highlights for me was Brand Attema trombone with Astrid Haring harp, Miguel Fiol Duran dance. This recital was honest and straightforward, the atmosphere was relaxed but focused. This type of music making should be what 'classical' music is about. It is about the music and the ambiance. Not about ego. Check them out, book them!

Martijn Padding wrote one his most beautiful pieces for this ensemble. It was inspired on the walk that Robert Schumann made every day in the mad house to the statue of Beethoven. Apparantly he walked extremely slow.

1, 2

And some more:

3, 4

The rest of the festival was also great. Erik Vloeimans was terribly inspiring. Also the chat I had with him after the concert.

The Ricciotti Ensemble had some space in their tour schedule to visit Uitgast as well. I used to play in this hippie youth orchestra. The audience loved them. They played an enthusiastic mix of classical, world and pop music: 1, 2, 3, 4

The day ended with Van Fan Fahre, a Belgian world music ensemble which got a lot of people on their feet.

1, 2

The Four Baritones, four baritone saxophones: Arno Bornkamp, Niels Bijl, Bas Apswoude, Ties Mellema: video

The opening night I played with Niels Bijl and the Dudok Quartet Glass' Facades: video

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