zondag 16 september 2012

Video blog, 16-9-12, interview with Ian Wilson

Ian tells about the Amstel Quartet's performance today of his 2006 'Ghosts' (premiered in Carnegie Hall 2007) and about upcoming projects with Ties Mellema

a.o. a piece for saxophone and Boss RC300 looper: "MotherFunk!" This piece will be premiered in the The Hague club "Het Paard van Troje" in a concert with members of the Residentie Orchestra that Ties and the orchestra put together. (more info about the club gig and more info about the concert the next day with the whole orchestra here)

TIes will play three piece by Ian Wilson in these two days. On Saturday 15 december he will play Ian Wilson's saxophone concerto with the whole orchestra.

Ian Wilson

Bonus: Amstel Quartet backstage getting used to their new outfits @Villa Augustus

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