maandag 13 mei 2013

Me with Konrad Koselleck Big Band May 2013

Wow, what an energetic night! and I did a great discovery.

The KKBB played 'Play Beck', music by Beck, from Songreader, an 'album' only published as sheet music.


Henk Kraaijenveld, the winner of the 2013 vocal jazz competition came along:


As well as the ver charming Deborah Carter and more video

Tini Thomsen is alto sax and bass clarinet in the band. She played a poetic intro

And my discovery was Marike Jager. Turns out she is a fellow Lomo Amigo, but also posses a fantastic voice with great emotional impact. This video was very touching.

I suggest you go see the KKBB at the Amsterdam Bimhuis whenever you can, not only because the Bimhuis is the nicest concert hall in the Netherlands, but also because it will be a night you will never forget. Even when I am not a guest :-)


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