zaterdag 18 januari 2014

Nymphomaniac, GOSEE!

I saw Nymphomaniac yesterday. And although I did not expect a great movie, it turned out to be a great film!


We saw it in the Movies in Amsterdam where we had a great dinner before the movie. It was a bit expensive, but the food was pure and honest, not too much salt and herbs, but well cooked and fresh and tasty ingredients.

After we went to see Nymphomaniac, just because of practical reasons. The other movies were too late or sold out.

Nymphomaniac was an experience. It is NOT a porn movie. It is a very dramatic theatrical kind of movie about a young woman who was found in a dark alley, obviously beaten up by an older man who takes her home and listens to her story.

She tells that she is a nymphomaniac, always had lots of sex and was always hunting for men. The older man compares her hunt for men with fly fishing (apparently this is Lars von Triers hobby as well).

Go see! Really!

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