woensdag 7 december 2016

I left the Amstel Quartet. What's next?

I just gave my first concert after leaving my quartet. I felt liberated. Not because my quartet held me as a prisoner, but because I gave up something I worked on for twenty years. Sometimes life is about letting go. I let the quartet go. Although it is one of the best ensembles I know., I had to let go and search for new ways and inspirations. We made eight cd's, traveled everywhere and shared everything.
Now the time has come to enter the next phase.
The next phase is about letting go. Not only of the quartet. But of things that I always thought were important. I played quartet every week. At least every Wednesday we had a rehearsal. In the weekends we had concerts. Everywhere, Siberia, Japan, China, The US, Canada, Germany, the UK, etc. It was something steady in my life. For twenty years....!
Tonight I played more freely than I have ever played. Maybe not the best. But with a free spirit. It felt good.
I'll see what happens next. I have some plans. But I want to let them ripen. Think, meditate and just do.

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