dinsdag 6 februari 2007

Kenny Werner's book is a revelation for me

Kenny Werner's book is a revelation for me! I recognize so many things. Let's see what I'll get from it. I am ready for some new insights. Werner focusses on liberation: Moksha. No more focussing on the 'valid' rules on making music. Of course I never tried to do that. But I feel there's more music in me than there's coming out.
Now listening to Harry Connick Jr's new album: very good. I love his big band stuff.

 /><br /><br />Earlier today:</div>Started reading Kenny Werner's 'Effortless' Mastery' yesterday. Already the preface seems like it was written for me... I think this book might be able to get me further in my (musical) life. I'll post my progress with it on this blog.<br />Other than that, I finally found a DVD of the Gadd Gang, with Ronnie Cuber (Barisax), Cornell Dupree (guitar), Richard Tee (keys) and of course Gadd himself. Great DVD with instrumental souls classics. I remeber seeing this band on tv when I was in middle school. They had also Nick Brignola on bari then.<br /><div align= src=

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