donderdag 20 december 2007

After some days of lots of stuff to do, especially conservatorywise I ...

After some days of lots of stuff to do, especially conservatorywise I am free to study for my recital.
This afternoon rehearsal with my pianist (not Wijnand due to his injury, but Hans Eijsackers).
Sunday we will have a small christmas party and tomorrow studying and market to buy some food for the party. We asked everyone to bring some food so we will have a tapas-like buffet.
Listening organ synmphony (no 3) by Saint-Saens now on last fm. Last fm is a revolution for me. I am discovering lots of new music (well, new to me!) on it. Now I am listening the Haydn similar artists channel (haven't heard any Haydn yet though!).
Speaking about Haydn. My quartet had a lesson with Metz again yesterday which was great fun. He has the ability to not listen to the instrument but only to the music, which can be confronting at times. Register changes can be heard as accents still sometimes which is something we need to be aware of aparantly still!
It feels so great to be playing Haydn with my quartet. I met Louis Andriessen yesterday and he said it takes courage to do that. Maybe, but I feel we have to do it, and I think the other boys feel the same way. It is music that we have to do right now. And we try to do it with care. We are studying it now and performing it next season (08-09) so we have some time to get it right!

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