zondag 6 januari 2008

Ever since my puberty I have been fascinated by the music of Haydn

Ever since my puberty I  have been fascinated by the music of Haydn.Not as much by the beauty of it, at least as we tend to view beauty nowadays usually, but by something I oculd never quite grasp. On the other hand, I was never as intrigued by the symphonies of the same composer. I was never sure why. I am finishing up the reading of a French bio of this genius composer, whom I hold in higher esteem than Mozart in certain respects, and although the bio is very old and I am reading a translation in old Dutch, the book is fascinating. Also because of the beautiful translation, it read like poetry sometimes. All my suspicions and observations about Haydn are talked about in this book. I willgive some quotes next time! (I am sorry, they will be in Dutch)

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