maandag 26 mei 2008

Dear Council for Culture

Dear Council for Culture!

STEIM is an important Dutch institution that has had and should have more influence on the Dutch music life. From my own experience in the more or less \\'traditional\\' classical and contemporary music world I can say that STEIM has influenced the Dutch contemporary music scene in general and brought forth many musicians who are masters of their acoustic instruments but expanded their sound with STEIM developed instruments.

Although STEIM has the image of sub culture, if it  would disappear from the Dutch cultural landscape, one important initiator of Dutch innovation would disappear. Holland is a front runner in contemporary music, also because of its work with new media. This would have never been like this without STEIM.

But \\'new media\\' is not finished developing yet. It\\'s a small child that needs an education. I know that STEIM is the only one that can teach Holland to deal with new media and to develop tools that are accesible for everyone. Who else can do this? Nobody!

I hope you will reconsider your decision.

Yours truly,

Ties Mellema

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