maandag 14 november 2011

Amstel Quartet arrived in Platteville, WI

Ties' blog:
It is 8:12 AM in and I am drinking a great capuccino in Platteville Wisconsin. Is was up very early today. We just flew in from the Netherlands and the jet-lag is in effect. I am not sure where the rest of my quartet but I got up and went out to explore the neighbourhood with my beloved Diana cameras. Infortunately the lighting is not so good today.

In a few hours we will be rehearsing, doing a masterclass, a lecture concert and in the evening a concert at the Platteville uni.
And I am loving it so far. Platteville is a relatively small town, but very charming. Everything is walkable and people give me friendly smile everywhere. In the coffee shop where I am now they are playing jazz music!
Our US tours are milestones in my musical season. Although I miss my girlfriend and son, I get a chance to get back to myself. I meditate, make some photos of unknown territory, eat, drink, sleep, watch tv and think. These tours are commas in my life. Places to breath. In a holiday I have the feeling I have to do something. During these tours I only have to make music. It's great to only have to focus on that.

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