woensdag 23 november 2011

Chamber tips: "The Sponge"

In the serie 'Chamber tips', 'The Sponge'

It is hard to keep an ensemble together. But after 15 years I found out some things that turned out to be essential.

The ensemble should function like a sponge. It should absorb all input on whatever subject, be it musical or practical. Even if the input seems unmusical, ridiculous or unpractical to the other members, the ensemble should try it out and at least incorporate an essence of the idea. There is nothing more frustrating than having the feeling an idea is bouncing off on a wall while one might have the idea that he is bringing something beneficial to the ensemble.

That  means that sometimes the individual members of the ensemble should set aside their own preferences for the sake f the ensemble. The ensemble that is in the end, its own musical entity.

On the other hand, if the input does not work, and the ensemble functions uncomfortably, one should recognize this and accept it.

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