woensdag 21 januari 2015

Einaudi II

Unless I get in another Uber taxi with an Einaudi lover, ...

...I will not write about him again after this:
Again. I got in an Uber taxi and I heard some piano chords that sounded terribly familiar. I asked the driver who it was.

Ludovico Einaudi, yet again....

Now I told him about my experience from last week right away (http://tinyurl.com/pbqgt4n). Again I asked the driver why he liked this music. It gave him tranquility. He said he drives 80 hours a week and he needs something to make him quiet, something to separate him from the unrest around him. Something that not stimulates him too much, but just makes his mind calm down.

Although this man was not so philosophical as the driver from last week, there were 2 (!) Einaudi lovers in one week in my taxi. And he gave more or less the same reason for loving the music of Einaudi.
He also plays a bit of piano and loves classical music. We started to discuss music in general and came to the conclusion that Einaudi might be good for people to enter the world of classical music that is not Mozart or Brahms. I hope they evolve and discover other music. Music that does move you, in some way, or tells you a story, or whatever.... But music that does something and is not merely grey-ish wallpaper.

I cannot imagine that one would still listen to Einaudi, even to relax or meditate, once you've heard Reich or Glass.

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