woensdag 21 januari 2015


I was in an uber taxi some days ago...

... and the driver and I got to talk. The guy was about 25 years old and seemed very sympathetic. At some point I asked him if he was interested in music. He told he went through a life changing event 12 months ago. I asked him what it was. He said it was the discovery of Einaudi's music. I didn't want to tell him my opinion just yet and asked him what compelled him about this music. He told me that it was the lack of emotion of the music. It didn't impose feeling on him. Einaudi's music enhanced his own emotion.
I love the explanation. Although I do not like Einaudi's music at all, the definition gave me chills.
Later on I told him what I think about this music. I guess one the reasons I do not like this music at all, is the absolute lack of feeling in it. The same reason he loves it.
He was surprised but also very open. I gave him a list of 'homework'. Composers like Glass, Reich and even Nyman.

This man went through a very important life event because of this music. Music that I consider to be the musical equivalant of a MacDonalds hamburger. No nutritional value whatsoever, and you're hungry again after five minutes.


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