woensdag 15 juni 2016

Music: advice needed!

Hey guys,

This year I am hard resetting my body. One of the things that is going on is that I am rediscovering music. I started watching Netflix last year but i got fed up with it in November. Then I started listening to music again. Since five years until November I hardly listened to music. In November I got myself a Spotify subscription and have been discovering all kinds of new (new for me) music. But also music that I knew with new ears. It's been an adventure. 

A whole new world opened to me. So it seemed. I always enjoyed the energy of these saxophonists of course. But their energy seemed to hit a different spot now. It seemed to go deeper. 

Now I have been listening to Jürg Frey (https://open.spotify.com/album/7tU4Y1ak1TVAv6Rdr7zE9H

And this is me new for me. I've always listened a bit to minimal music. I've always enjoyed Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich (https://open.spotify.com/album/3lNs2UnRog90lU3dusjkWK) but now there is more going on. My taste for minimal music seems to be coming from a yearning for tranquility and quietness.  And this is very new to me. It's new that musical taste seems to be dependent on my mood and on what I need spiritually. And I have to get used to the fact that my taste can be very different at the end of the day than when i get up. It always was  a too 19th century notion to me that I need to be in a certain mood for a certain type of music. Good music is good music, right? No!

A friend told me some months ago that there is only one type of music: good music. I do not agree (today...). There is music that I connect with on a certain moment, depending on my emotional state. And sometimes it's not the best music. But it's music that hits a certain spot in me. 

My question for you is: can you advise me any music to listen to based on my current preference for the minimal music of Jürg Frey and David Lang?

Please post them in the comments. 


1 opmerking:

  1. Niet per se minimaal maar toch:
    Christian Wallumrød ensemble - The zoo is far.
    Ik vind het eerste stuk het mooiste.
    Ben benieuwd wat je er van vindt!