vrijdag 24 juni 2016

Positive energy

To keep going nowadays I need two things:

-I need to do and witness things that give me energy. 
-I need positive energy around me. 

One positive thing I got from this past year of illness is that I immediately know if something give me energy or not. Probably I also had this before, but now my body reacts more direct. I get tired from things that do not give me energy. 
There's a lot of music that drains energy from me. Music that perhaps in the past I thought I needed to listen to. But I can't anymore. 

But I also need positive energy from the people around me. And I need people to react positively to my energy. Maybe this is what people call a 'click'?

To have an initiative responded with only 'but' is destructive. I notice I always try to respond positively to every energy that comes my way. I can't in every case of course. But I try. Because it is always easier to shut up. By action and initiative you make yourself vulnerable. But it's the only way to build something. 

I was listening to this while writing: https://open.spotify.com/track/3Qk6NKukIPlR4AMZLHY30A

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