vrijdag 1 juli 2016

My mind seems empty

While I am coming to 'normal' life I am encountering some issues that were normal before the chemo, but now are something I want to avoid:

-Cnstant nervousness and stress.
I am a person that always wants to do something. I always want to go into a certain way. But I now notice that the stress that comes with this is too uncomfortable. My priority should now be to get better and see how far I can get without the fatigue. The fatigue is a big thing in my life at the moment. And that's one way to turn around all of this: I now realize that I have boundaries and limited energy. I can use this to find the boundaries in my mind. What do I really want to do, where do I really want to go?

-Little room in my mind to fool around. 
I have noticed that when I am busy my mind clears itself. Which sometimes comes in handy, but it also stops being creative, it stops fooling around. It stops to dream. I don't want to run after things in my life anymore and feel I am behind I want to determine my own agenda and do my own things. Like write a few notes every day, make one photograph, make s short walk, write a short blog (you're reading it now!), etcetera. 

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