zaterdag 8 september 2007

A quote from an interview with Marcel Mule in 1994: "The [Marcel ...

A quote from an interview with Marcel Mule in 1994:

"The [Marcel Mule] Quartet has rendered enormous service to the saxophone. When we dared to play a quartet of Mozart, for example the 'dissonances quartet' it was rather crazy but we had so little to play. And we were judged throught hat! Afterwards we obtained some repertoire but we had more succes playing Mozart.
We played everywhere in Italy. Evidently we had no repertoire, only the Glazounow, it was no fun. But we managed.  We acquired a few little pieces from Pierne, Absil, Jean Rivier, Pierre Vollones and others: there was only a limited repertoire.
In those times, there were still good compsoers, real good musicians and they wrote really well. We could play them and they were accepted by he public.. As for now..."

More on Marcel Mule here:
and here:

Mule used to be one of my main inspirations. Nowadays of course I look more for my own voice. But trying to get started today with working I was browsing through the internet and found some information on Mule which made me read up on him.

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