zondag 15 maart 2020

What to do now...? Corona!

The last five years I have been in the same situation on and off that we are all in now. My advice:

Take it easy, slow down your tempo.
Go out for walks. Take a thermos of coffee or tea with you so you don’t have to go in a cafe.
Enjoy your streaming tv subscription.
Be inspired and create. Whatever. Write, make music, take photos, cook, draw, paint, whatever, but create when you feel like it. You have the time now.
Read everything that you always wanted to read.
Call your friends.
Do shopping for people who can’t.
Cook for people who need a dinner. (And leave it in front of the door!)
Rediscover you’re CD collection. Listen to Spotify’s discovery proposals, 1 out of 10 is actually worthwhile.
Play board games.
Do an online course.

For musicians: I bet you always wanted to explore creating something together from a distance with digital means. Me, @Brandt Attema, Maarten Ornstein and Dave Kutz are working a something as we speak!

Good luck.

All the best,


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