zaterdag 19 september 2015

I won the main prize at the Fotogram competition!

My photography professor gave me a heads up that she wanted me present at the award ceremony of the Fotogram competition (
I told her that I couldn't be there because of my resistance. The chemo therapy I am getting now kills my resistance to virus's and bacterias. I can't be in confined spaced with a lot of people. So my parents picked up the prize. They just called me: the main prize. I can't believe it!

These are some of the pictures I won with:

It made me kind of emotional to be honest. I am making photos since 2011 now and have developed quite a portfolio in the last years. I won something before but this is much bigger. When I started I loved to make something out of nothing. A thing that I have always missed in my musical practice. I made the promise to make photos for myself i the first place. But you know, it's tempting to enter a competition and have your work compared to others. Something I have done many times with my music. And of course one can ask what the extra worth is of having your work compared to others, especially when one makes it just for oneself... But still, couldn't be prouder! I am making something out of nothing and there are at least some people that like it, see something in it....

I would have loved to be there, but my main focus is my health....

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  1. lovely work Ties, and so many congratulations! Thinking of you and happy for you, this is great. x monica