zondag 17 september 2017

"Hastings cop holding bone marrow drive in memory of his dad, jazz legend Michael Brecker"

All of a sudden this is so much closer to me than it ever was:


The son of Michael Brecker, Sam Brecker (a police officer) will do a bone marrow drive. People can test their bone marrow with a simple swab of the cheek. If there is a match they will be asked to donate.

Michael Brecker is one of the reasons I play saxophone. Because of his music I felt like I knew him. I met him once when I was in puberty at the North Sea Jazz. I was a huge fan. For me Brecker was like Michael Jackson or Madonna to my class mates.

And then he died in 2007 from a form of leukemia. He needed a stem cell transplant but couldn't find a suitable donor.

I will receive a stem cell transplant in November, from my own bone marrow, which will be harvested in October.

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