donderdag 18 november 2010

Blog 12-11-10 (post date is later)

In the train to the first rehearsal with the Brabants Orkest. I studied the  score a bit more and it should be ok. The most exciting thing for me now is the fact that I am trying to make a different sound than normal in this piece by Otto Ketting. I am using a metal LA Sax mouthpiece. I found this mouthpiece in Sweden when I studied there. Then I wanted a different set up for my jazz lessons with Johan Hörlen but I did not want to change reeds. On a Meyer I need to switch to Java or Rico which is too much of a hassle for me. The LA Sax allows me to change my sound without changing reeds and having to fid a completely different embouchure. But still, it is the first time I will perform publicly with this kind of set-up. And not being used to it like I am to my AL3 over the last 3 years I am not 100% secure, to be honest. But, this is the sound I think the piece should have. I could not do this with my AL3, so there's no choice I guess. And I am quite sure it will be fine. Just go with the flow.

Yesterday I had an interview with NRC, with Mischa Spel. It was like a conversation, which are the best interviews. She gave her opinion (which won't end up in the article I guess) and challenged me to think and speak. Which I did. I had to rethink my opinion on conservatory education. I once vented this in an earlier blogpost, which was an open letter to my director at the Fontys Conservatory. It boils down to this. Conservatories are trying to get their students to be aimed towards the market. I think that is the wrong way. There is no market for yet another string player, saxophonist, Liszt pianist. Let's be honest. People were not waiting for a pianist specialized in contemporary music who's a master at Boulez and Franssens, but in the late '90 Ralph van Raat proved that he could find an audience for his niche. And why? He put is heart into it. He chose his own way. That is what conservatories should stimulate: finding your own voice, your niche. And being flexible about it. You could end up anywhere. You find a path that you would never have thought you would enter. Maybe you have to give up your first love and replace it with a newer one. We change and students shouldn't be afraid to face these changes during their education.

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