vrijdag 26 november 2010

In Dalian, last day in China

Last day in China, in Dalian now. Dalian is a relatively small city (3,578,000 people!). This afternoon first a masterclass, a rehearsal in the hall, a concert and, believe it or not, a Halloween party. I have no idea what the latter one means here in Dalian...

Touring in China was very different from the US (of course!), we always needed people to accompany us, the food is different (three warm meals a day, I gained some weight, I think), the distances are even greater and the audiences are less formal. We were warned for more resevred audiences, but only yesterday that was the case. All the other concerts we had very long applauses and lots of encores. We felt very appreciated :-)

Tomorrow back in Holland after a long period of very hard work. I need to relax without deadlines.

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