vrijdag 12 november 2010

Preparing for the Netherlands Muziek Prize Award concert

Once a year, maybe one time more, I have an extreme delay with the train. That's a pretty good score, you would say. But of all the moments I could have had this delay, it shouldn't have been today. Maybe it could have happened when I was visiting a friend below the rivers, or even when I'm off teaching (sorry dear students). But today, the general rehearsal for the Netherlands Music Prize award concert tomorrow… Come on!

Well, I guess it's quite easy to start thing 'why me?', 'why today?', etc. (see above). But I shouldn't. I just called with the orchestra and they offered to change around the rehearsal schedule. So that problem is solved. After the rehearsal though I have an appointment with my clothing designer, Aziz. I just texted him to change our appointment. I expect it will be no problem. So in the end, there is no problem. Like the Dalai says, problems don't really exist. When you can solve it, it's not really a problem, and when you cannot, it's not a problem anymore, but a fact. So the fact that remains is that I loose about 3 hours today in the train. Time I wanted to spend on relaxed study on my horn, doing the final selection of my reeds and playing through the pieces for tomorrow a couple of times. But I guess I could continue a bit in the evening and give up some leisure time.
It's a hectic time… Sunday is a busy day and I do have the feeling that I am living on the edge of what is doable sometimes. But I know that in the end it's always not so bad. These two months were incredible though, and still are… Concertgebouw and Orgelpark concerts with the quartet with all (!) new repertoire in two weeks, then off for US tour in October, then two weeks to prepare for tomorrow and Wednesday we're off to China… Then I will have some time to relax. In December and January I only have some concerts with the quartet with mainly recycled repertoire. I can't wait!

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